Freedom Photonics has developed a family of high performance, reliable and cost-effective products for application in optical communications, optical sensors, medical equipment and industrial processes. These are markets where our vertical integration, strong cumulative experience and proprietary Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) technology generate products that provide our customers a significant competitive advantage.

15xx nm High Power Diode Laser — FP3915

Product BriefApplications Free Space Optical (FSO) Communications Infrared Illumination Infrared Pointing Laser Rangefinding LADAR Fiber Optic Testing Medical Features Watt-class output power High Efficiency Submount or packaged Overview The FP3915 15xx nm High Power Diode Laser is a high power (Watt-class), high efficiency device operating at “eye-safe” wavelengths. The laser is fabricated in two versions,…

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760nm – 800nm DFB Laser — FP3007x

Product BriefApplications Atomic spectroscopy Rubidium based atomic instruments Potassium based atomic instruments O2 detection LIDAR Interferometry-based sensors Features Single-Frequency Distributed Feedback (DFB) Laser Chip Several package style options High CW Output Power and Efficiency Passivated facets for high-power reliability Overview The FP3007x is based on a single-frequency Distributed Feedback Laser (DFB) chip. This type of…

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C-Band Tunable Transmitter — FPT3515c

Product BriefApplications WDM Communications Test and Measurement Features Compact TOSA Package 0 dBm Power C-band Tuning Range Up to 13.5 Gbps NRZ LC Receptacle Integrated Modulator Zero or negative chirp Overview The FPT3515c is a monolithic Indium Phosphide tunable transmitter with chirp control. The tunable transmitter is electronically tuned and can address any wavelength in…

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Free Space Optical Communications Link — FP8100

Product BriefApplications Building-to-building connectivity University campus links Security surveillance links Emergency connectivity Cellular infrastructure RF bypass in congested areas Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) Small satellites Ground stations Defense Features Eye-safe operation (1550 nm) Long range Full duplex transmission Small size and weight Overview The Freedom Photonics FP8100 Free Space Optical (FSO) Transmitter / Receiver is…

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Multi-Section Laser Controller — FP4516

Product BriefFeatures Five channels Programmable current sources TEC drivers for butterfly laser and the case Read-back for: Laser section voltages TEC current Laser temperature Case temperature GUI control RS232 interface Overview The FP4516 Laser Controller is a stand-alone solution for open-loop drive of a multi- section tunable laser. It has integrated sources providing five channels…

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Multichannel Tunable Laser Source — FPTOS

Product BriefFeatures Two to Eight Independently Controllable Optical Channels USB Interface and Software GUI for Laser Parameter Configuration and Monitoring Rack-Mountable Overview Incorporating our monolithic Indium Phosphide O-Band and/or C-band tunable lasers and complementary drive electronics, the FPTOS series of multichannel tunable optical sources provide from two to eight channels of CW optical output in…

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