Product Brief


  • WDM Communications
  • Test and Measurement


  • Compact TOSA Package
  • 0 dBm Power
  • C-band Tuning Range
  • Up to 13.5 Gbps NRZ
  • LC Receptacle
  • Integrated Modulator
  • Zero or negative chirp


The FPT3515c is a monolithic Indium Phosphide tunable transmitter with chirp control. The tunable transmitter is electronically tuned and can address any wavelength in the C-band. Flexible control of the output power and shutter functions are realized through use of variable optical attenuators, enabling dark tuning between channels. The transmitter can be used in zero or negative chirp at NRZ data rates up to 13.5 Gbps. The device is packaged into a compact TOSA-style package, with an internal optical isolator.

Product Data Sheet
FP3515, FP3007x


Optical Parametersmintypmaxunit
Wavelength Range1532.291564.68nm
Extinction Ratio @ 13.5Gb/s10dB
Output Power03dBm
Side-mode Suppression Ratio350dB
Relative Intensity Noise-140-135dB/Hz

Electrical Parametersmintypmaxunit
Modulation Rate13.5Gb/s
Input Impedance50Ohm
Differential drive voltage2.5V
Rise/Fall Time (20-80%)45ps
Operating Temperature-575°C