Product Brief


  • Five channels
  • Programmable current sources
  • TEC drivers for butterfly laser and the case
  • Read-back for:
    • Laser section voltages
    • TEC current
    • Laser temperature
    • Case temperature
  • GUI control
  • RS232 interface


The FP4516 Laser Controller is a stand-alone solution for open-loop drive of a multi- section tunable laser. It has integrated sources providing five channels of independently programmable output current. It provides separate TEC control for laser and package and read-back of all laser section voltages, TEC currents, laser temperature and case temperature. A Simple GUI for control over RS232 interface is included. Compatible with FP3013x and FP3015x tunable lasers.

Product Data Sheet


Gain Full Scale CurrentGFSI360mA
Phase Full Scale CurrentPFSI80mA
Front Mirror Full Scale CurrentFMFSI250mA
Back Mirror Full Scale CurrentBMFSI250mA
SOA Full Scale CurrentSOAFSI600mA
Current Setpoint Resolution (Gain) 22uA
Current Setpoint Resolution (Phase)10uA
Current Setpoint Resolution (Mirrors)15uA
Current Setpoint Resolution (SOA) 37uA
Minimum Compliance Voltage 2.3V
Voltage Readback Resolution  804uV
Maximum TEC Driver VoltageVtec Max5V
Maximum TEC Driver CurrentItec Max1.5A
Temperature Setpoint Minimum 0°C
Temperature Setpoint Maximum 50°C
Temperature Setpoint Resolution 0.06°C
Temperature Readback Resolution 0.06°C
TEC Current Readback Resolution 1.6mA
Temperature Stability 0.01°C