Product Brief


  • Two to Eight Independently Controllable Optical Channels
  • USB Interface and Software GUI for Laser Parameter Configuration and Monitoring
  • Rack-Mountable


Incorporating our monolithic Indium Phosphide O-Band and/or C-band tunable lasers and complementary drive electronics, the FPTOS series of multichannel tunable optical sources provide from two to eight channels of CW optical output in a convenient benchtop or rack mountable instrument. The front panel allows for enabling/disabling each laser individually and the provided GUI can be used to adjust the lasers’ parameters and store the configuration to the internal non-volatile memory. Laser section voltages, TEC currents, laser operating temperatures, and butterfly base temperatures can all be read back via the USB interface and the GUI. Emitted wavelengths can be factory calibrated to meet exact customer specifications.

Product Data Sheet


Number of Outputs248 
Output Power for Each Output1013 dBm
Center Wavelenghts Available 1280
Wavelenght Tuning Range3035 nm
Sidemode Suppression Ratio3540 dB
Linewidth 520MHz
Relative Intensity Noise -140-135dB/Hz
Operating Temperature20 40°C
Fiber ConnectionSingle-mode Polarization Maintaining, APC Connector
Communications InterfaceUSB