Product Brief


  • Free Space Optical (FSO) Communications
  • Infrared Illumination
  • Infrared Pointing
  • Laser Rangefinding
  • Fiber Optic Testing
  • Medical


  • Watt-class output power
  • High Efficiency
  • Submount or packaged


The FP3915 15xx nm High Power Diode Laser is a high power (Watt-class), high efficiency device operating at “eye-safe” wavelengths. The laser is fabricated in two versions, single spatial mode and  multi-spatial mode. The laser can be supplied in a C-mount carrier, as indicated in the picture below, which is useful for testing and prototyping; however, the heat extraction from such a carrier is not ideal. Please contact us for custom packaging options for your application.

Product Data Sheet
15xx nm High Power Diode Laser — FP3915


Operating Power: Single spatial mode version0.5 W
Operating Power: Multi-spatial mode version3.0W
Center Wavelength152515501575 nm
Spectral Width (FWHM) < 1nm
Peak EO Efficiency: Single spacial mode version1520%
Peak EO Efficiency: Multi-spacial mode version3036 %
Package Operation Temperature02550°C
Specification values at 25⁰C