Private-Label Photonic Products

Our team’s world class expertise in vertically integrated photonic product design (device-module-system) and production has helped many customers prove feasibility, develop, and deploy new products for a variety of applications. For this, we rely on our photonic integration technology in InP, GaAs and Si. Let us help you be successful by providing a complete design to manufacturing solution for your market needs, utilizing some of our world record performance building blocks, like our high-power (tunable) lasers or high power photodetectors. Besides our monolithic integration and co-packaged based solutions, we have recently introduced a new, scalable and manufacturable, state-of-the-art hybrid integration technology – photonic wirebonding. This hybrid integration approach allows for producing photonic integrated circuits using best-in-class individual functional blocks, which are interconnected using low-loss, optimized waveguides.

Focus on what you know best, and leave the photonics piece to us. Our standard flow of product development and our capabilities are shown on this page.

Photonic Design

Photonic Device Design

  • Epitaxial structure design
  • Passive component design
  • Active component design (photodiode, modulator, amplifier…)
  • Custom (high-power, tunable…) diode laser design

Photonic Chip Fabrication

  • Epitaxial structure specification and procurement
  • Fabrication process design and development
  • Fast turn-around fabrication scalable to high-volumes by design
  • Implementation and management of volume production fabrication
  • Post fabrication hybrid integration using photonic wirebonding
Services Micro and Nano Fabrication

Module Design and Photonic Packaging

  • Mechanical, electrical and optical design
  • Packaging process development
  • In-house packaging using qualified, state-of-the-art methods
  • Implementation and management of volume production

Subsystem Design

  • Mixed signal control circuit design
  • Multilayer mixed signal printed circuit board layout
  • PCB fabrication, assembly, test and integration
  • Implementation and management of volume production
Electronics PCB


  • Optical performance testing
  • Electrical performance testing
  • Burn-in and environmental testing
  • Qualification and lifetime testing


  • Complete photonic chip design and fabrication
  • Chip-on-submount assembly
  • Photonic module assembly
  • Implementation and management of low to high volume production