Private-Label Photonic Device and/or Module Design and Production Services

Our team’s expertise in photonic device design, module and subsystem design and production has helped a number of customers prove feasibility, develop, and deploy new products based on our unique and innovative solutions. We will be happy to help your organization in any of the areas described on this page.

Photonic Design

Photonic Design

  • Epitaxial structure design
  • Passive component design
  • Active component design
  • Custom semiconductor laser design

Photonic Chip Fabrication

  • Epitaxial structure specification and procurement
  • Fabrication process design and development
  • Fast turn-around low-volume fabrication
  • Implementation and management of volume production fabrication
Services Micro and Nano Fabrication

Module Design and Photonic Packaging

  • Mechanical, electrical and optical design
  • Packaging process development
  • In-house packaging using laser welding and/or UV curing
  • Implementation and management of volume production

Subsystem Design

  • Mixed signal control circuit design
  • Multilayer mixed signal printed circuit board layout
  • PCB fabrication, assembly, test and integration
  • Implementation and management of volume production
Electronics PCB


  • Optical performance testing
  • Electrical performance testing
  • Burn-in and environmental testing
  • Qualification testing


  • Complete photonic chip design and fabrication
  • Chip-on-submount assembly
  • Photonic module assembly
  • Implementation and management of low to high volume production