Freedom Photonics announces the introduction of its new product line, Single Spatial Mode Diode Lasers operating at center wavelengths from 870 nm to 1000 nm. These lasers offer unprecedented power output (1 W) in a nearly diffraction-limited mode and also high electrical-to-optical efficiency, higher than 50%.

These lasers address requirements in applications such as:
• LIDAR systems
• 3D imaging systems for autonomous vehicles
• Trace gas detection systems
• Pump sources for solid-state and fiber laser amplifiers
• Seed sources for high energy solid state and fiber amplifiers
• Pulsed laser sources for marking

The lasers are available in a selection of packages such as C-mounts, conductive/ceramic sub-mounts and  also hermetically sealed butterfly packages with either collimated thru-window or fiber-coupled output. The lasers can also be incorporated into custom packages, addressing specific customer needs.

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