Product Brief


  • WDM Communications
  • Test and Measurement


  • 14-pin Butterfly Package
  • Up To 10 dBm Power
  • C-band Tuning Range
  • PM Fiber Output
  • Integrated SOA


The FP3015c tunable laser consists of a monolithic Indium Phosphide chip that integrates a widely tunable laser with a semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA). The tunable laser is electronically tuned and can address any wavelength in the C-band. The integrated SOA facilitates flexible control of the output power and acts as a shutter when reverse biased, enabling dark tuning between channels. The device is packaged into a standard 14-pin butterfly package, with an internal optical isolator and a polarization maintaining fiber output.

Product Data Sheet
Freedom Photonics — Module


Output Power710 dBm
Wavelength Range1532.29 1564.68nm
Sidemode Suppression Ratio3540 dB
Linewidth 520MHz
Relative Intensity Noise -140-135dB/Hz
Operating Temperature-5 75°C
Fiber ConnectionSingle-mode Polarization Maintaining