Product Brief


  • High power & high efficiency
  • Diffraction-limited output
  • Efficient coupling to SMF
  • Operates both continuous wave and pulsed (ns to ms)


  • LIDAR systems for remote sensing
  • Free-space optical communication
  • Pump source for Er-doped solid-state and fiber laser amplifiers


1. Class 4 high power laser output. Appropriate precautions should be taken by user.

2. Devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD). Appropriate precautions should be taken by user.


The 1500 to 1600 nm auraTM diode laser offers extraordinarily high-power
output in a nearly diffraction-limited single spatial mode. The device
architecture is based on a single-mode tapered waveguide laser structure.
Built-in wavelength stabilization is not included. The nearly diffraction-limited
output enables efficient coupling to single-mode fiber and maximizes far-field
irradiance when collimated in free space. Various packaging configurations are
offered including: 1) hard-soldered junction-down on C-mount, 2) hard-soldered
junction-down on ceramic submount, and 3) unsoldered bare chip.
The auraTM product line is intended to address applications such as free space
optical communication, sensing, and LIDAR in consumer, industrial, and
defense markets by enabling watt-level direct use output from a semiconductor
chip source.

Product Data Sheet
870-1000 nm W Single Spatial Mode Laser


General ParameterValueUnit
Center wavelength1500 to 1600nm
Rated output power2.5W
Spectral bandwidth, 3dB10nm
Slope Efficiency0.4W/A
Slow Axis M2 (ISO 11146-3)1.3-
Fraction of Power Diffraction-Limited90%
Slow Axis Divergence, 4Dσ6deg
Fast Axis Divergence, 4Dσ55deg
Operating Current 12A
Threshold Current2.4A
Operating voltage 1.2V
Electrical-to-Optical Efficiency22%
Series Resistance25
Operating Temperature20°C
Wavelength-Temperature Coefficient0.5nm/°C
Thermal Resistance3.2W/A