Product Brief


  • High power & high efficiency
  • Stable single spatial mode
  • No astigmatism
  • Robust facet passivation


  • Pump sources for solid-state and fiber laser amplifiers
  • Seed sources for high energy solid state and fiber lasers
  • Pulsed laser sources for marking
  • LIDAR systems for remote sensing
  • 3D imaging systems for autonomous vehicles
  • Trace gas detection.


1. Class 4 high power laser output. Appropriate precautions should be taken by user.

2. Devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD). Appropriate precautions should be taken by user.


The 870 to 1000 nm single spatial mode diode laser offers unprecedented
power output in a nearly diffraction-limited mode. The device architecture is a
single-mode ridge waveguide Fabry-Perot laser structure. This laser is ideally
suited for applications including resonant end-pumping of Nd and Yb-doped
solid state and fiber lasers with low quantum defect. The nearly diffractionlimited
output enables precise matching of the pumped gain region with the
solid-state laser cavity mode and efficient coupling to single-mode fiber.


The packaging format is as follows: the device is hard-soldered junction-side
down onto a C-mount package. The C-mount has a copper base with a CuW
expansion-matched insert. Other heatsink formats are available including
conductive submounts, ceramic submounts, 14-pin butterfly hermeticallysealed
package with collimated and fiber-coupled output, and bare die/bars.

Product Data Sheet
870-1000 nm W Single Spatial Mode Laser


General ParameterValueUnit
Rated output power1000mW
Operating current (typical)-1100 (at 885 nm)
-1300 (at 980 nm)
Operating voltage (typical)<1.9V
Electrical-to-optical efficiency (typical)>52%
Heat sink temperature20°C
Center wavelength870 to 1000nm
Center wavelength tolerance± 3
Spectral bandwidth (FWHM)0.6nm
Spectral shift with temperature-0.28 (at 885 nm)
-0.32 (at 980 nm)
nm / °C
nm / °C
Vertical fast axis divergence (FWHM)-31deg
Horizontal slow axis divergence (FWHM)-6deg