Product Brief


  • Atomic spectroscopy
  • Rubidium based atomic instruments
  • Potassium based atomic instruments
  • O2 detection
  • Interferometry-based sensors


  • Single-Frequency Distributed Feedback (DFB) Laser Chip
  • Several package style options
  • High CW Output Power and Efficiency
  • Passivated facets for high-power reliability


The FP3007x is based on a single-frequency Distributed Feedback Laser (DFB) chip. This type of device offers mode-hop free performance when temperature tuned around its room temperature wavelength. The optical output beam is diffraction limited, single lateral and longitudinal mode. Mode-hop free over temperature and time. Facets are passivated for reliable performance at high power. The DFB laser chip can be packaged in several options: TOSA, Butterfly and TO-8. These packages can have a fiber pig-tail or window optical output.

Product Data Sheet
FP3515, FP3007x


Output Power @ 200mA100120 mW
Treshold Current33 40mA
Slope Efficiency0.400.45 A/W
Linewidth 1MHz
Side-mode Suppression Ratio 3035dB
Operating Temperature-5 75°C
Wavelength ± 2nm from customer specified value
Specification values at 25⁰C