Product Brief


  • RF Photonic Links
  • Photonic RF Generation
  • Sensing
  • Communications


  • Up To 200mW Input
  • Compact, low-profile package
  • Single-mode fiber
  • 22 GHz bandwidth


Freedom Photonics’ FP1015a is designed for high power applications with up to 200mW input optical power. It can be packaged into a compact, low-profile package with a 22 GHz small-signal 3-dB bandwidth.

The photodiode has been developed for demanding high optical power applications such as RF photonic links, sensing applications or photonic generation of RF signal power up to 20 dBm and frequencies up to 22 GHz.

Product Data Sheet
Freedom Photonics — Module


Bias Voltage-5 -8V
Operating Wavelength1550nm
Bandwidth20 22GHz
Output RF Power (P1 -dB) @ 10GHz2022dBm
Current @ P1 -dB90100mA
Operating Temperature-4075°C
Storage Temperature-4085°C
Fiber ConnectionSingle-mode SF28 fiber